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Fuelled by Strength, Courage, and Determination, In Home Personal Services, Offers Senior Living Options to Fit Clients’ Needs and Helps them Maintain a High Quality of Life at Affordable Prices


“We are determined to solve one of the biggest challenges of this century: maintain our seniors’ independence and having high-quality in-home care.”

Retirement is something older adults plan for and looks forward to over many years. Being free to pursue old hobbies, explore new passions, travel, and spend time with the grandkids are just a few of the perks of retiring. Sometimes, however, homeownership burdens put a crimp in a senior’s desire to live a more carefree lifestyle. As with any change in living situation, it’s important to plan and give yourself time and space to cope with change. Having a diverse social circle that embraces different activities helps build new relationships and strengthen established ones, keeping your loved ones in touch.

In Home Personal Services is one such firm has stood alone when creating individualized care plans based on its clients’ specific needs. The firm primarily works within independent living communities, allowing its clients to live independently and safely within their homes longer. It does match the perfect caregiver with your loved one’s around-the-clock in-home care or individualized support care needs. This might include full-time in-home senior care or specific support such as bathing, companionship, meal preparation, or other helpful in-home care services.

The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Elgin, Illinois.

In Conversation with Michael Collura, President of In Home Personal Services

Q. What motivated you to establish a dedicated caregiving platform for the elderly?

The motivation for starting this business always remains the same, as it was on its first day. That is, to deliver quality care that was affordable to those in need. Great care doesn’t have to cost a bundle. Part of giving great care is making it affordable, so that’s what we did. It has been our primary motto. Besides, having your own business gives you tremendous responsibility and pride. The decisions made are squarely in the control of its leadership.

Q. Can you tell us about your services in brief?

In Home Personal Services provides non-medical care to seniors in the comfort of their own home. This allows them to live in a safe and independent setting of their choosing. Our round the clock home care support enables each individual to remain in the comfort of their home with the best care structure suited to each individual.

Q. Living in a homecare facility is incredibly expensive. The needs and level of dependence of an elderly individual vary from time to time. How do you manage the affordability and cope with caring for the elderly?

We offer a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of care options. We have developed several unique systems of operation programs and specialty care programs that have afforded us the ability to lower the cost of the care. All our services are completely adaptable and flexible to the needs of the individual. We, too, realize that these care needs change from time to time, and we are well-trained and adaptable to ensure we are meeting those required needs.

Q. How do you train the employees and educate them about your homecare system?

All of the training we do is 100 percent developed in-house and within our system. We own our school for doing just that. We have taken this so far ahead of what the competition is doing. Importantly, we have developed several unique programs for training that even our competitors will often come to us to obtain the training which our team receives.

Q. What is your view on home care providers moving towards a culture of combining both caregiving and companionship?

It is an essential part of what we do. If you are not delivering compassionate care, you should not be a part of this industry. This is very personal and, in many cases, a life-changing experience for both the client and their families. In our training, we develop those skills for compassion on a level not seen anywhere else.

Q. How flexible if your plans for customization?

We are very flexible, and while we can deliver any level of care needed in any manner requested by a client, we have found that the flexibility of our ‘Flex Care’ system is often the most popular.

Q. How do you market your services?

We don’t. Marketing is a mistake. We have a unique advantage here, and our way of conducting business development is way beyond what the competition is doing and is far more cost-effective.

Q. What does the future hold for In Home Personal Services and the aged community? Are exciting things on the way?

The years ahead of us are the most exciting, and we are already well underway in the development of a wholly new approach to senior care in a pandemic world. You will have to stay tuned for the launch of this new program as it is ready for the public in Q1 2021.

The Leader at the Helm of In Home Personal Services

Michael A. Collura is the President of In Home Personal Services. He has developed his passion for senior care since he started working in a nursing home at age 15. Mr. Collura has built a team of equally dedicated, kind, and compassionate individuals around him that ensure the founding mission of In Home Personal Services is stronger today than ever imagined.

“Our mission is to ensure that the client and their family receive the highest level of quality care.”