Fraud calls from international numbers: WhatsApp responds and says it would utilize artificial intelligence to block scams

Fraud calls from international numbers: WhatsApp responds and says it would utilize artificial intelligence to block scams
The Siliconreview
12 May, 2023

WhatsApp has again become a target for scam callers. Company to use AI to block such fraud call.

WhatsApp is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons: a new fraud has been found. In the past, a lot of fraudsters used the instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by a US tech giant to fool individuals and steal their money because it is simpler to reach people on this app. WhatsApp, which has around two billion monthly active users, has become a target for scammers once again. Many people have taken to Twitter to complain about receiving unexpected calls from overseas numbers beginning with +84, +62, +60, and more.

According to the ISD codes, WhatsApp users are receiving spam calls at random from countries such as Malaysia, Kenya, and Vietnam, as well as Ethiopia. As of now, it is unclear why people are receiving these fraud phone calls. However, we do know that the frequency of scam calls is moderate to high. On alternate days, some people have received 2 to 4 spam calls. Some customers, particularly those purchasing a new SIM card, are receiving increased scam calls from international numbers.

What to do? How to be safe?

The Meta-owned company has advised people to simply report and block such spam calls. According to WhatsApp administrators, blocking and reporting scam messages/calls is a vital step in combating frauds and when users get calls from unfamiliar international or domestic phone numbers.

Furthermore, the company continually invests in Artificial Intelligence and other cutting-edge technology to protect its subscribers from such spam and scam calls on its platform. The monthly user safety report provided by WhatsApp in compliance with the IT Rules 2021 comprises details of user complaints received and the related action taken by WhatsApp to combat abuse on its network. In the month of March alone, WhatsApp banned almost 4.7 million scam accounts.

You don't need to be worried. All that is required is that the spam caller be reported and blocked. Make sure not to click on any of the messages or links you may receive from the fraud caller, as they may contain spam malware designed to steal your data or money. These scam callers have the ability to entice you into doing anything that will result in the theft of your hard-earned money. As a result, people are actively encouraged to ignore and simply block spam calls.

Here are the steps to block spam and fraud calls on WhatsApp;

Step 1: You first need to open WhatsApp, tap on More options > Settings.

Step 2: Now, tap again on Privacy > Blocked contacts.

Step 3: Just tap on the “Add” button.

Step 4: Simply search for or select the spam contact you wish to blacklist. You are all set now. The fraud caller is blocked!