Truecaller introduces an AI-powered assistant to detect fraud and scam calls

Truecaller introduces an AI-powered assistant to detect fraud and scam calls
The Siliconreview
24 May, 2023

Truecaller, the world's leading global communications platform, has launched Truecaller Assistant in Australia. The Assistant function is a breakthrough that uses machine learning to provide the most helpful scam or fraud call detection and call-screening solution on the market. Truecaller Assistant is a configurable, interactive digital receptionist that enables users to respond to important calls while avoiding fraudulent or spam calls.

Truecaller Assistant responds in less than a second and understands caller requests with greater than 90% accuracy. You may watch a live transcription of what the scam or spam caller is saying so you can figure out who they are and why they are calling. With a single button press, you may select whether to take over the spam or fraudulent call, designate it as a scam or spam, or ask the caller for more information.

The AI tool does so much more than simply block scammers. Truecaller Assistant is a game changer for the global market. Until now, you had to decide whether or not a call was important or if it was spam or fraud in a split second. Now, Assistant concentrates on what the caller is saying to filter out scams and spam, so you can decide whether the call is worthwhile.

Truecaller Assistant is free for 14 days, after which users can add it to Truecaller Premium. The service is being introduced in stages in Australia today, with more markets and languages to follow soon to reduce scam or fraud call activities. Assistant makes use of technology that other solutions do not, making it clear which calls you should respond to and which fraud or spam calls you should ignore.