The Healthcare Industry of US Incorporates Blockchain Technology

The Healthcare Industry of US Incorporates Blockchain Technology
The Siliconreview
31 July, 2018

The growth of the healthcare industry is moving to the next phase by implementing Blockchain technology. It is because the healthcare industry had struggled in the past with the management of patient information and more. Every doctor, medical officials, hospitals, therapists, and pharmacies need different pieces of data to compile the best solutions to treat certain patients. The records that are required are scattered in various business computers and filing cabinets that can’t be accessed and in order to access this information, it takes a lot of time. Sharing of information is certainly a huge task and is really a troublesome task.

The is why a secure system to store private information is designed and that is the Blockchain systems. Not to mention, the implementation of crypto-currency like Bitcoin is a great add-on to this healthcare and blockchain fusion. Also, by optimizing networks of databases that are stored in different places that use securely encrypted messages. This will provide a better connection and will keep all the information confidential.

Also, very few authorized users can take control of the entire structure. This makes it hard to delete or obtain information. Without proper identity declaration, it is not possible to procure this information. As of now, the US is seeing a huge implementation of the blockchain. Five of the top healthcare firms have already incorporated blockchain and it is evident that others will too in the future. Let us see what changes blockchain bring to the healthcare market.