Finally, Microsoft Is Making Some Consumer Gains

Finally, Microsoft Is Making Some Consumer Gains
The Siliconreview
30 June, 2018

There was a constant tension in the Microsoft community since it was revealed that most of the products developed by it were not providing enough consumer gains as expected. As a result, the company did not meet its mark in the past, but now, on the other hand, Microsoft is really kicking it through Surface, Xbox and Windows 10. Furthermore, products such as Windows Phone, Band, and Groove are yet to give the company any return on investment.

It is not a surprise that Microsoft has encountered many speed bumps in the past due to its mobile phones. But the last few months have shown that the company’s products have shifted again to the consumer space. The Surface is the main attraction here, it is speculated that a smaller, 10-inch surface is returning along with Surface Studio 2. We can expect a Surface Pro in 2019 and also the Project Andromeda is yet to arrive.

Also, Microsoft may think about competing with Sony for its PS5 by releasing the latest version of Xbox. Microsoft has always taken time in the console industry. But many believe that Microsoft is presently shifting its gear and moving really fast in the market because of its recent releases of Xbox One followed with the release of Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

All in all, the company is expected to retain all the consumers who ones used Microsoft’s products. Let us see if that really happens.