Apple Proves That You Are Addicted To Your Phone Using the Time Feature

Apple Proves That You Are Addicted To Your Phone Using the Time Feature
The Siliconreview
26 June, 2018

Apple can now tell you how long you have used your phone and how you can restrict it using the time feature called “Screen Time”. It tails down the time you spend on your phone based on days and weeks. Also, breaks it down into a subcategory of app usage and other usages. After a certain time frame, the user will get reports on how long they have used the phone.

 Recently Apple’s CEO Tim Cook gave an interview to CNN Money and discussed many problems that are caused by its own phone. The usage of the phone was a major concern that not only affected the consumers but also the CEO himself. He mentioned that he spent 36 hours and 23 minutes on his iPhone last week making it an entire work week fritted away on Netflix, Twitter, and Slack. He feels that others are facing the same problem for which he now has a solution.

After the release of Apple’s iOS 12, we can clearly see new features designed for iPhone users. Keep in mind the new operating system is available as a beta version and isn’t recommended for many because it might still hold bugs. The list of the new features includes performance improvements, customizable Animoji that look like you, group FaceTime calls, augmented reality powers and yes, the “Screen Time”.

If you are someone who uses your iPhone more than required, then this might be the best option for you.