Apple might reconsider the average selling price for the next iPhone cycle

Apple might reconsider the average selling price for the next iPhone cycle
The Siliconreview
23 June, 2018

Apple really struggled to match the expectations of Wall Street in selling iPhone units in recent times. Although the company managed to get few consumers to pay the price of its phones, it might have to reconsider on doing the same thing in the future. According to Morgan Stanley’s analyst Katy Huberty, Apple AAPL has dropped to -.29%. Hence, making Apple a bit worried about future sales, so, the company might change its phones’ price tag this year.

According to Huberty’s calculations by 2019 the price range will vary from %2 decline to 2% growth. Keeping in mind the factors such as Apple’s 6.5” OLED model was sold for $999 whereas 5.8” OLED model was sold for $899. Also, the current top model 5.8” iPhone X starting price is about $999. 

But the variability depends on how Apple prices its new low-end LCD model and according to Huberty, the price can be between $699 and $769. Apple phones have always marked their price based on the storage a phone provides. Currently, iPhone X has 64GB worth $999 and 256GB is worth $1,149. This means with additional features and storage, Apple increases its price. But at the current time, Apple might launch its latest phones with new features and less storage so that they can still sell its new phones and meet the inventory sales mark. Also, Apple recently mentioned that there are big changes to come in the stock apps. After it reaches the target, Apple then might release the high storage phones. Let us see what Apple Inc plans out