Amazon: Kaleido to deliver seamless blockchain experience to AWS customers

Amazon: Kaleido to deliver seamless blockchain experience to AWS customers
The Siliconreview
16 May, 2018

Tech giant Amazon has announced a partnership earlier this week, to simplify the use of blockchain for its web services customers. The company’s cloud computing team will join hands with a startup called Kaleido. Furthermore, Kaleido is looking forward to providing an ‘’easy button” for the AWS customers to experience the technology that is embedded in bitcoins.

Amazon can focus on their scenario and they don't have to become PhDs in cryptography, we will give them a simple platform to build their company on blockchain’’, said Steve Cerveny, one of the founders of Kaleido.

According to AWS, with Kaleido into the rescue now, the customers do not have to manage blockchain by themselves. Kaleido is the first blockchain SaaS solution for the AWS market. In addition, it will help them to move fast on their blockchain projects.

Kaleido is carved out from a blockchain producer known as Consensys. And it is developed under the Etherum blockchain platform.

 “This is a heavy duty, full stack way of getting Amazon into blockchain solutions”, said Joseph Lubin, founder of Etherum.

AWS is a part of Amazon which provides paid cloud computing services to individuals, firms, and governments. Amazon comes under the league of Microsoft and Facebook in terms of searching use cases of the blockchain. There are other companies like Accenture, JP Morgan, HSBC and IBM which are working on blockchain initiatives.