Android P will introduce Gesture controls similar to iPhone

Android P will introduce Gesture controls similar to iPhone
The Siliconreview
17 April, 2018

Tech giant, Google’s latest iteration of the world’s most popular mobile-based operating software, Android P would be packed with similar gesture controls like the iPhone.  The changes, which would come in the form of gesture navigation, have been revealed by Google itself. It could sit alongside support for notch and multi-camera setup that both are aimed to make the next range of Android Smartphones closer to the latest iPhones.

The new gesture-based controls are not exactly new to Android platform as it has been previously used via OEM specific ROMs, and the native gesture-based controls on Android platform would allow more Smartphone manufacturers to take advantage of it because it will have easier integration of the feature on the phones.

This certainly makes sense for Google to build the navigation system of Android P similar to what is there on iPhone X as various leading Android device manufacturers are trying to replicate the latest iPhone. However, it nowhere shows creativity for the search giant to implement a feature that was initially deployed by one of its closest rivals.

Meanwhile, Google’s own Smartphone, Pixel3 may be fully bezel-less which would not have any physical or on-screen keys on the front, and instead rely on more specific and gesture-based controls to navigate the device.