Amazon To Broaden Whole Food Delivery To Atlanta And San Francisco

Amazon To Broaden Whole Food Delivery To Atlanta And San Francisco
The Siliconreview
08 March, 2018

Amazon which currently operates whole food delivery services to various cities in the USA has just announced its expansion into two new cities i.e. Atlanta and San Francisco, on Tuesday. The bulletin comes less than a month after Amazon first started a delivery partnership with whole foods in four propel cities: Austin, Dallas, Virginia Beach and Cincinnati.

A statement by Amazon suggests that customers will be eligible for two-hour free delivery on orders of $35 or above. Currently, customers can order Whole food via or by the Prime Now app which is available for Android or iPhone.  Available from 8 am till 9 pm daily,  customers in those regions can order product, bakery items, dairy, meat, seafood, flowers and everyday items. Apart from that, the customers in San Francisco can now buy selected liquor along with the groceries.

By reckoning, whole foods deliveries to Amazon’s prime delivery accentuate Amazon’s push to become a towering vendor. The tech colossal bought whole foods for a whopping $13.7 billion and reduced the price of some of the high-end bodega chain’s product like organic Fuji apples to plea to a broader base of patrons.

The expansion of whole food deliveries seems to be running at a rapid pace as competitor Wal-Mart-which runs a popular grocery store pickup is gearing up too.

Amazon says it will advance to expand Whole Food delivery across The U.S. In 2018.