YouTube spruces up its look with new features and logo

YouTube spruces up its look with new features and logo
The Siliconreview
31 August, 2017

YouTube, owned by Google has revamped its look for the very first time which has been the talk of the town. The logo will now position the play icon to the left of the YouTube name and is expected to look and work better across all devices. It didn’t come across as a surprise when YouTube was positioned with 71 % app audience penetration owing to its massive global reach.

The app can now slow down and speed up content by swiping. It is also expected to sport a new colour palette and a new typeface with fresh feel and functionality of its desktop and mobile app. Also, the Dark Theme which transitions from the white background into shades of black is expected to be a major attraction to its regular users. According to YouTube, this mode looks to actualise a more cinematic look for viewers making it more comfortable to browse and watch videos at night.

In an innovative approach, YouTube will now automatically change its shape according to the video format being viewed. Neal Mohan, Chief Productive Officer, wrote in a blog post, “That means you’ll always get the best viewing experience automatically – including vertical videos with no black bars on the sides.”