Oracle will leverage application management and security through VMware AirWatch

Oracle will leverage application management and security through VMware AirWatch
The Siliconreview
15 May, 2017

Mobile apps have already tantalized the world technology and of course have influenced us, haven’t they? Further improvements in developing those ‘necessary ingredients’ of everyday life should be made in the near future, although it is happening now as well.  By joining with VMware, Oracle is expecting a solution for organizations in managing its Application suite on a single unified platform alongside other critical applications and devices through VMware Workspace ONE. Let whatever be the challenges, the ultimate aim is to help the end users in accessing the apps from any point, no matter where they are.

One among the reasons that it partnered with VMware is that many of its clients are already using the VMware Workspace ONE for application security and management. With the partnership both the companies aim in making the procedures as simple and handy as possible. But does that mean to eliminate all the process involved? No, but it should ensure that getting a digital workspace platform set up should be as simple as getting an email set up from Gmail, which in a way seemed so unreachable years before.

Mobilizing critical business processes, aren’t they the objective of all these tech giants? Oracle’s recent partnerships include AT&T, with whom the telco will move thousands of its large scale internal databases to Oracle’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), which in fact can help in the same. The reviews points 2106 as a year of ‘platform vision’ and ‘2017’ as the ‘platform acceleration’, which seems correct in case of Oracle and VMware at least.