IOT Promotes ‘LINKUK from BT’ in Southwark; the fastest public free Wi-Fi

IOT Promotes ‘LINKUK from BT’ in Southwark; the fastest public free Wi-Fi
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2017

With the consistent technology of Internet of Things, the new service called ‘LINKUK from BT’ is said to have outgrown many other existing technologies.  The Southwark city, which is the business center of London, is also a home for many cultural attractions.  It is expected to have the service of ‘LINKUK from BT’  , which gives the fastest public Wi-Fi , free calls as well as many such free digital services.

The main services include ability to access free ultrafast Wi-Fi on the move, with speeds of up to 1Gbps - the fastest free public Wi-Fi service available. Other free premium services will include UK landline and mobile phone calls, rapid mobile device charging, online maps, directions and local information.

Along with all these features, it has got some additional features as well.  It makes use of the sensors which can collect the data from the real local environment. For example, it can capture the rates of air and noise pollution; can get to know about the traffic conditions, the temperature and weather conditions. All these are the advancements of the digital system, which has been introduced to make the new service a better one.

Since Southwark is the core borough for London’s business community, it supports a wide range of visitors, business and even the tourists. These services are provided in the streets of Southwark, which is highly useful for the business as well as the tourists.  Except Southwark, Camden is the only place where it has been established and tried. It is said that more than 100 LINKUK from BT kiosks will be installed in the streets soon.

These kiosks are different from those older ones. These are self service kiosks, which can render services like free Wi-Fi and free charging.  These ultra modern kiosks are termed as ‘Links’.  The strategy is to install around 750 links across central London and its major cities for the next few years.

New York had recently introduced a similar system namely, LinkNYC , which was found to be a great success.  It has reached out to more than one million registered users by now. Around 600 links are now being operated in the New York City. The key feature of that is the ultra speed in the Wi-Fi services.

With the two 55” high definition digital displays, all the public announcements as well as the advertisements are well displayed in this service. Being the core borough of business community of London, this new service ‘LINKUK from BT’ is found to be extremely useful for the promotion of the city as well.