IBM invented a tiny magnet to hold whole digital information in one go

IBM invented a tiny magnet to hold whole digital information in one go
The Siliconreview
15 March, 2017

Here comes the world’s tiny magnet with a single atom installed, an intellectual research team from IBM has created smallest magnet that’s been packed in one bit of digital data for better calculations. This sounds really big news, the small magnet is designed to store huge bulk of data for future generation.  

The new invention by IBM has created a hot story; this allows you to store information for more than 1,000 times in small space.

The company said- the main motive behind creating the smallest magnet is to look further to understand the problems that might occur in future, like when the tech in current disk drive systems gets shrunk down to the most "fundamental extreme, means “You can't get more fundamental than a single atom, the smallest unit of common matter possible, so the researchers started to work in this level to find solutions”.

IBM research team has invented magnets by using scanning tunneling microscope (STM) to work and perform better by using holmium atoms. To understand in depth and to get detail information they used an electrical current to write and read binary data (1s and 0s) on the atom.

The company said in a statement; yet another discovery in storing data, is creating magnet with single atom. This was mainly invented to understanding the concept of technology   plays a positive role to keep up the digital content that would later drive into DNA. We are yet to work on these plans; this might come in effort in future. Till then you have to use the normal hard drives to store your information.