Alibaba backed UC News rising swiftly in India, Indonesia

Alibaba backed UC News rising swiftly in India, Indonesia
The Siliconreview
15 April, 2017

Chinese e-commerce company ‘Alibaba’s’ Group firm UCWeb recently claimed that it is growing rapidly in India and Indonesia with its new product UC News getting 100 million article views daily.

"With 100 million daily article views, UC News has rapidly grown in India and Indonesia market since its launch in June 2016. UCWeb is augmenting its focus on digital content aggregation and distribution in the world's second largest internet market, India," UCWeb said in a statement.

Well that’s not all, the company also claimed to have 80 million monthly active users in the month of February.

"With over 100 million MAUs, UCWeb envisions itself as powerful as Google and Facebook and aims to bring the global mobile internet to an era of 'GUF' (Google, UCWeb and Facebook)," Alibaba Mobile Business Group's President-Overseas Business Jack Huang said.

He also goes on saying that the company experience a fast rise in the standard time spent on UC News and as of ongoing quarter, an average user spends over 23 minutes on UC News.

"Users are embracing diverse digital content and their appetite for such content is being met by UC News. Going forward, we are also targeting more diversified and localised content on our platform by end of 2017 to make the local content ecosystem stronger," Huang said.

In the upcoming months the UCWeb has plans to invest Rs 200 crore for pouring content distribution in India over the next 2 years. The company also announced a reward plan for self-publishers, bloggers and independent writers with an initial investment of Rs 5 crore.