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Your All-In-One Platform to Engage, Reward And Retain Talents for Great Organization Growth: SelfDrvn

thesiliconreview-lam-mun-choong-ceo-selfdrvn-2018SelfDrvn was established in 2015 by its CEO, Lam Mun Choong — an entrepreneur with a background in software engineering and a passion for understanding human sciences. Its mission is enabling a world where employee wellbeing is the key to company success. SelfDrvn wants to help companies develop a thriving workplace culture that can build great employee engagement, recognition, retention and performance. So the company has designed a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform that can help organizations improve engagement with their employees and customers through effective communication, gamification, and behavioral analytics. Its product is part technology, part psychology, and part process. SelfDrvn believe that positive empowerment and people-centered strategies are the keys to building a successful business.

Why Is Employee Engagement Important To SelfDrvn?

The rise of disruptive technology and a global demand for people-centered development are challenging both traditional and new organizations in an unprecedented way. Without engagement, businesses can expect greater turnover and absenteeism, which ultimately leads to low customer satisfaction and poor financial success. According to the State of the Global Workplace report, a staggering 85% of employees are not engaged or actively disengaged at work, resulting in approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.

Businesses have to accept that without engagement and empowerment, employees don’t feel appreciated, and are likely not putting their best effort, energy, and passion into their work. Contrary to popular belief this doesn’t just affect millennial talents — older generations are also impacted. As companies rush to adapt to current organizational strategies, SelfDrvn understand the need to invest gradually and reduce the cost of managing across a myriad of engagement initiatives over time.

SelfDrvn resolves this through single software for employee engagement and performance management, where you can execute your strategy at scale, and engage employees at their own convenience. Its flexible, multi-faceted platform engages your team with open communication, employee recognition, peer feedback, wellness initiatives and more. With its intuitive technology, SelfDrvn aims to transform the modern workplace to be more human by enabling agility, open communication, and fun.

Transform Your Workplace with SelfDrvn Products

SelfDrvn’s comprehensive technology provides the complete care package to engage your talents through five key components: Data Collection, Context Analysis, Active participation, Live Results and Social Engagement.

Data Collection: Understand your employees with actionable, measurable insights. SelfDrvn’s social analytics dashboard displays data-driven, actionable insights to measure trends and pinpoint engagement problem areas so you can customize your strategy to improve employee participation. With a click of a button, calculate the cost of employee engagement and improve your ROI.

Context Analysis: Analyze easily using visual reports. Allow your talents to request and voluntarily give feedback between peers to improve employee performance. SelfDrvn’s feedback system is classified and analyzed using context and sentimental analysis, which is displayed in a visual, easy-to-consume word cloud.

Active Participation: Motivate with gamification and contests. SelfDrvn’s gamification methods motivate desirable behavior and stump formal pulse surveys — and are definitely more enjoyable. Reward achievements with appreciation badges and redeemable points. Enable anonymous feedback that others can vote for with its ‘Message in a Bottle’ feature. Encourage healthier workplace habits by tracking how many steps you take in the office and ranking them by points earned.

Live Results: Celebrate achievements openly with recognition. Rewards and achievements are automatically published on the internal social newsfeed to be celebrated, which can significantly improve talent recognition in your company.

Social Engagement: Fuel great productivity with a social workplace. According to Gallup, having a close friend at work can boost employee productivity by up to 7x. The SelfDrvn platform enables this through an integrated social news feed, online auctions, and daily contests that encourage employees to bond and socialize.

Reseller Partners Program

SelfDrvn is a seamless platform with the best employee engagement practices and its partners are experts in the technology and HR industries. Together, the company helps its customers cultivate great experiences for great business success.

“Our mission is to enable a world where employee wellbeing is the key to company success. We want to help more companies succeed by developing a thriving workplace culture that can build great employee engagement, recognition, retention and performance.

To help achieve this goal, we work closely with reseller partners and brands that share the same values as we do. Our reseller partners and brands help enrich our customer’s employee experience by adding value to our core features and offerings, consultancy services and more.

Reseller Partners would get discounts for our product subscription that lead to higher profits. They will enjoy marketing exposures such as business event participation, media features and more. We also provide our resellers with marketing collaterals, product demos, and dedicated customer support too.”

Lam Mun Choong is the CEO & Founder of SelfDrvn.

“Our company aligns with the core value and belief that great experiences will cultivate great people and great people can fundamentally lead to great bottom-line success. It’s a win-win (and win) formula that serves both the goals of the employee and the employer.”