10 Best HR Solution Providers 2018

Posteno Consultants: Providing the Best HR Solutions and Showing How the Game is Played


There is a huge opportunity for all recruiters in the coming years since the recruitment sector is evolving. Technology is also moving at a very fast pace and hence it is evident that it will touch the recruitment sector as well. This is where Posteno Consultants saw a vision and created a proposition. The company believes by implementing these techs into the recruitment process the industry can renovate itself to make hiring and finding jobs very much easier.

Posteno also feels that there hasn’t been any reform in past years and the potential for growth is certainly high. The lack of innovation is the key motivation for the company’s Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Ankit Garg to get into recruitment. By procuring HR expertise from his mother for over 10 years, he incorporated this company as his brainchild.

Now the company has a team of passionate professionals located in Delhi who are constantly working for the growth of the company. Posteno Consultants was founded after working with the leaders in HR pan India with over a decade of experience in recruitment. The firm focuses on delivering superior Human Resources to companies within its stipulated 24 hrs TAT*. Posteno provides its portfolio of services across industries – such as BPO, IT/Non-IT, BFSI and Healthcare Sector. Being client centric is the core of its profession – all its services are tailored to customer needs, and the company always ensures that the customer is the ‘King’. Posteno gives a lot of importance to being trustworthy and socially responsible. It believes in inclusive growth. This is why Posteno Consultants is one of the top HR solutions providers in Asia.

The Company’s Speciality

Many companies play a generic role in the current market. Posteno, on the other hand, plays a very important and specialist’s role. The company’s skill and planning allow it to add value. Posteno is very much different from others in this domain due to its versatile thinking and fast-paced work operations. The average employee age in the company is about 23, this shows that it is powered by the most passionate and energetic youths in the present industry. These young professionals know how to work responsibly and achieve targets on time. That is why the company is escalating in the market.

Posteno takes interviews of every candidate it lines-up for a company, so it maintains a strict quality standard condition for each candidate. Its recruitment process entails stringent background screening of every candidate. Posteno scrutinizes each detail and chooses the right candidate from the rest. Thorough checks are performed for each and every position before the company recruits a candidate. Its meticulous recruitment procedure ensures that all its clients hire the right employee who contributes productively to the clients’ needs. Posteno also keeps in mind that the employer’s and the employee’s requirements in mind while delivering comprehensive permanent staffing solutions.

Posteno currently has some leading BFSI sector companies impanelled with it for PAN India requirements. The company hires for various sectors like BFSI, Logistics, Real estate, Banking Insurance, NBFC, Retail, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment, IT, Advertisement (Mass Media/Digital Marketing), E-commerce, Telecom, QSR, Pharmaceuticals, and Engineering. Not all consultancies do this and surely the company with its skilled individuals will go to the next level in a few years.

Services Offered by the Company

The company is known for its superior recruitment services to all its clients. Permanent recruitment is its domain and Posteno has three offices in Delhi/NCR. The firm’s best and experienced recruiter procures information through various sources. Each recruiter is highly skilled at tracking down the best candidate through various job portals, head hunting, LinkedIn Networks, its personal database, educational institutions, candidates’ applications, and References.

Many individuals are currently joining the company every month and Posteno is planning on expanding Pan India in 2 years. Posteno is working really hard in the market since the company is aiming to be valued as a trusted advisor and service provider to its clients, associates & business partners.

By incorporating technology, it is obvious that the company will soon be ready for the transition in the market thus making its service better. Quality candidates who are considered to be fit for a certain profile will find it easy to select the right company.

Present and Future Focus Areas of the Company

Posteno feels the more specific you get, the smaller the candidate pool becomes. Since every company sets different job responsibility for its candidate, the company plans on creating a training cell, providing custom training as per company requirements. It also plans on bridging the gap between freelance recruiters, entrepreneurs, and requirements of the company by providing a platform where companies can post their entry-level requirements directly for freelance recruiters to work on and Posteno will verify each and every candidate uploaded by recruiters.

The firm is expanding to different locations to cater to local requirements. It is currently focusing on reducing the hiring cost of various companies and will be incorporating psychometrics and AI in the coming years.

The Man who’s on a Mission to Change the Game

Ankit Garg, Managing Director

Ankit, a Btech(IT) graduate who quit his job at Byjus to start his own company in the field of HR consultancy. Right from the 1st year of his engineering he was involved with startups and always wanted to do something out of the box. This is where he got into recruitment in the pre-final year of his college.

Ankit learned the current market scenario by working with pioneers who have played key roles in the HR consultancy industry. In the coming years, he seeks to reduce the hiring cost of the companies by three folds.

An ex-employ of Byjus who played the role of Business Development Associate is now on the move. His intentions and aims are clear, a perfect game changer for the HR consultancy sector.

“Our vision is to provide an exceptional recruitment service to both clients & candidates, founded on the principles of achieving the highest possible standards in the Service Sector.”