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Making The Internet Safer For All: zvelo


The internet has ushered in massive changes to the way we live and work. Whether it is making travel bookings, dinner reservations, paying utility bills, or even if it is getting a doctor’s appointment, we can do all of these things and more from the comfort of our homes. The internet has made the world more connected than ever before. However, one of the pitfalls of this technological marvel is cybersecurity. A common way for cybercriminals to search for targets is by planting malicious software like viruses and worms in websites. When an unsuspecting person opens the webpage, he or she runs the risk of having all of their personal data stolen. This could include credit card and banking details, personal health records and so on. Several firms offer extremely competitive cybersecurity services and one such company is called zvelo.

The culture at zvelo is built on a commitment to quality and responsiveness and it has been a pioneer in content categorization and malicious detection for over a decade. Working with many of the market’s leading Network Security, Ad Tech, and Subscriber Analytics vendors have helped drive innovation at zvelo. The company has tie-ups with the Anti-Phishing Work Group, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the Internet Watch Foundation—among others—play a vital role in demonstrating a consistent commitment to making the web safer.

Protection from Compromised Websites & Malicious Threats

Malicious website detection is a critical capability for service providers, businesses and network security vendors. Real-time identification of URLs and IPs associated with viruses, malware, and other forms of harmful programs enables you to block traffic to/from those destinations and thus avoid potential harm to your system. The zvelo malicious URL database—offered as part of the zveloDB™ URL Database or separately—offers easy integration through an API or data feed for use with firewalls, routers, proxies, or other systems for a safer Internet.

Zvelo’s most popular URL datasets including topic-based, malicious, and objectionable URLs are packaged for easy implementation on local servers, appliances, or cloud access applications. The zveloDB URL Database is an all in one, award-winning URL database–designed for flexibility and performance in a variety of industries and applications including DNS filtering, web content filtering, brand safety & contextual targeting, and subscriber analytics. Zvelo leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence, alongside human-verification techniques to provide the highest quality and accuracy for URL categorizations in the zveloDB URL Database.

Web Filtering & Parental Controls

Zvelo categorizes web content Into Topic-based, objectionable, and malicious classifications and covers over 99.9% of the active web. Web filtering and parental controls solutions require a URL database and content categorization solution that fits individual business cases and technical requirements. Some vendors require the highest levels of categorization accuracy, coverage, performance, and responsiveness. Other vendors want the lowest price with correspondingly lower levels of accuracy and performance. Not every URL database solution fits every web filtering or parental controls provider.

With its vast global network and monitoring of web content, human and non-human traffic, and connected devices—zvelo offers the most comprehensive understanding of the active web. The company’s web filtering and parental controls solution is deployed by some of the leading router and gateway manufacturers, ISPs, and other security vendors to protect networks and web experiences all over the world. ZveloDB provides market-leading accuracy, coverage, and malicious website detection with flexible deployment options and exclusive “category mapping” technology. The database enables web filtering vendors to exactly mirror the category sets familiar to system administrators and end users for policies and reporting. Whether a client is a DNS, UTM, SaaS, or any such vendor and needs a premium URL database for the SOHO, SMB, Enterprise, or Gov/Ed market, zveloDB is the premier choice.

IoT Security Technology for Router & Gateway Manufacturers

Even as the number of web-connected devices races toward 34 billion in 2020, the vast majority of gadgets still have little or no security features in place—leaving them ripe for the picking by any bad actor with some hacking skills and an agenda. These vulnerabilities are particularly threatening given the personal nature of many IoT devices. If compromised, devices such as keyless locks, light switches, IP cameras, or industrial monitors can allow hackers to surveil our lives or enlist our devices for ransomware, crypto jacking, or in malicious botnets for widespread DDoS attacks.

Zvelo’s IoT Security offering leverages over a decade of expertise in developing leading AI-based categorization and malicious detection services to provide the market’s most accurate and comprehensive profiling and anomaly detection for IoT and web-connected devices. Zvelo’s leadership in web categorization has enabled the creation of a massive database of trusted sites and known malicious sites, which zvelo’s behavioral anomaly detection services utilize in determining which devices are interacting and communicating with the appropriate trusted sites and which devices are in communications with malicious sites.

Meet the Dashing CEO of zvelo, Jeff Finn

Jeff Finn is responsible for the company’s direction and vision. Finn earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and has over 25 years’ experience in high-tech, telecom, and software. Prior to zvelo, Finn was Senior Vice President of Evolving Systems (NASDAQ: EVOL), co-founded Prairie Systems, which was acquired by FDR, (NYSE: FDC), and also held senior positions at Applied Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ:TSAI), the pioneer in EFT banking systems. Finn started his career with IBM.

“We categorize the web.”