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Inventory Management That Is Trusted By Thousands Of Manufacturers And Distributors In Over 80 Global Locations: Unleashed

thesiliconreview-gareth-barry-ceo-unleashed-2018“We love helping businesses grow, whether they’re small sole traders or international enterprises.”

Unleashed is a tight-knit team who work hard to put the customer first – to help them get started using Unleashed as their inventory management solution, and to continue to grow their business with its use.

A privately owned company, Unleashed is a powerful, integrated platform that allows businesses real-time visibility of accurate inventory information. Providing precise tracking data on each and every item of stock helps businesses of all sizes reduce their costs and increase profits. Unleashed partners with a range of eCommerce, the point of sales and accounting software to provide an end-to-end business management solution.

Unleashed employees are experts at solving problems and having fun while working hard. It is a diverse group, and speaks 15 languages!

Here are some random facts about the unleashed team:

  • 60% prefer Star Wars over Star Trek
  • Over 70% of us drive to work
  • Almost half of the team have children
  • 74% would rather have to always say everything on their mind, as opposed to 26% never speaking again
  • Chocolate is the team’s favorite flavor, closely followed by vanilla and salted caramel

Easy-To-Use Inventory Management At The Heart Of Your Business

For manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors that need efficient processes Unleashed is an easy-to-use online inventory solution at the heart of your business. Understand essential inventory health to make the right decision to scale your business with confidence.

Easy Purchasing Management

  • Generate Purchase Orders: Create purchase orders based on minimum reorder levels to ensure you do not exceed safety stock levels. Utilize demand-driven stock reordering where purchases can be triggered from a sales order to ensure full order fulfillment.
  • Add Purchase Costs: Conveniently include freight costs, customs charges, and any other costs incurred from ordering stock. Unleashed’s recosting feature allows you to add costs even after the goods have been receipted in. Additionally, its multi-currency feature allows you to maintain control and visibility over your supply chain.
  • Manage Supplier Returns: Unleashed know that returning stock can be a hassle. Unleashed allows you to manage a variety of stock returns with ease, whether it is just a product item or multiple items associated with credit from a supplier.
  • Receipt Part Purchases: Maintain visibility by tracking the delivery and receipt of part shipment from suppliers. Unleashed reflects all applicable costs relevant to part shipment so you will always have accurate margins.
  • Supplier Management: Unleashed accurately keeps track of supplier contact details such as addresses and phone numbers, along with their delivery history. Easily update product details if a supplier changes their product prices.

Powerful Inventory Management

  • Perpetual Inventory Control: Using the average landed cost method to calculate the cost of your products results in a more reliable cost of goods sold the account. Perpetual inventory control reflects all inventory costs, providing you with an accurate view of product margins and profit.
  • Maintain Stock Visibility: Gain real-time access to stock levels, cost, tracking information and much more using the Stock Enquiry feature. Flexible reporting means stock counts and report filters can be created for suppliers, product groups, warehouses, bin locations and more.
  • Multi-Warehouse Management: Know exactly what stock you have and where it is located as Unleashed allows you to easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple global locations. Stock can also be segregated for reporting.
  • Flexible Product Management: Manage your entire product catalog with a variety of product attributes such as dimensions, weight, product barcode, images and many more. Set minimum and maximum inventory levels, and use custom groupings.
  • Confidently track and trace: Achieve complete traceability with serial number and batch number tracking. Assign a serial number to your final product, or a batch number for any products that have been purchased or manufactured together. View the complete usage history of serial and batch numbers from purchase right through to sale.
  • Stock Count Whenever: Whether you are auditing a particular product group or a particular supplier’s products, Unleashed provides a comprehensive platform for doing a stock count. Keeps your business running whilst completing a stock count. Simply upload the data when you are ready.

Leading and Inspiring Motivated People to Succeed

A Letter from the CEO, Gareth Berry, CEO:

“We often say that Unleashed feels like a time machine! When you stop and reflect (usually over beer and pizza) you realize that the last year (or two, or three in most cases) has just flashed by. We have an amazing feeling of belonging and having our work make a material difference to the lives of our customers and fellow employees, and it’s something all companies strive for. At Unleashed, it’s just what we do every day, and we love it.

At our core, we believe in disruptive innovations, challenging the status quo and delivering exceptional customer service. ‘The customer is the most important person in our business’ is our first core value, and this is where we strive to overachieve.

Being part of the Unleashed story from the start has been a privilege. With such a diverse culture we have achieved some amazing things – yet we feel like our journey is still only just beginning.”

Gareth Berry is the CEO of Unleashed.

“At our core, we believe in disruptive innovations, challenging the status quo and delivering exceptional customer service.”