20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

Intrinsic, the Security Technology Next Door

The best security is what the IT industry is looking for and also looking for the security providers who can offer the most suitable services and can take a good care of what their clients want. In this situation, Intrinsic-ID is leading in security IP cores and applications based on its patented Hardware Intrinsic Security technology™ (HIS).

“Originated from Philips research, Intrinsic-ID has established itself as a leading provider of strong security solutions for combating digital security hazards worldwide. Intrinsic-ID is a pioneer of Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) technology, which is what HIS is based on what enables the company to provide industry-leading security IP cores. Headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Intrinsic-ID has sales offices in San Jose, California; Tokyo and Seoul.” – Pim Tuyls, CEO and Founder In 2002, Dr. Pim Tuyls started this journey with Hardware Intrinsic Security within Philips Research. The company went with the mission to provide security IP cores that make the connected world safer, by enabling independent control and protection of digital information in a simple, seamless and secure way. Since then till now Intrinsic is the world leader in PUF-Device Fingerprinting Solutions.

Looking Through the Products
• Saturnus (Security Framework): “Saturnus Security Framework (SSF) introduces a new mobile security framework that provides mobile security authentication, encryption and signing functions by turning your smartphone or other smart mobile device into a “hardened” security token. SSF makes use of Intrinsic ID’s patented PUF technology called Hardware Intrinsic Security (HIS). On devices where HIS™ is not supported, SSF switches to a software PUF technology called Cloud Intrinsic Security (CIS).”

• Confidentio (Security Processing): “Confidentio is an integrated cybersecurity processing unit that serves as a root of trust in applications for mobile and IOT such as payment, content provisioning, authentication and secure cloud access. Confidentio includes a hardware IP core that targets secure element implementations in: SIM/smartcard, Secure SDCard and embedded secure elements in mobile devices. Confidentio can also be implemented in software or firmware.”

• Quiddikey (Secure Key management): “In this world of billions of connected devices and massive amounts of data and content streaming to and from the Cloud, the familiarity and comfort of the physical world is missing. Quiddikey is a unique solution that ties data and security to the physical world. Cryptographic security solutions always revolve around some secret key(s) that need to be stored somewhere in a system. With Quiddikey, these keys are bound to a device in such a way that they cannot be cloned, copied or in any way extracted from the device.”

Focused on the Applications Developers, Device manufacturers, SoC companies, Government and Defense Organizations and other various industries, Intrinsic has changed the definition of the data and device security.

“We commit ourselves to develop security IP cores and other products that adhere to the highest quality standards and are easy to integrate. When dealing with our customers, we always search for a win-win relationship. We strive to be innovative and pride ourselves on always delivering on promises made.” – Pim Tuyls, CEO and Founder