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Inovea: The fundamental pillar for supporting your organizational growth in this digital age

thesiliconreview-sashi-kallamadi-ceo-inovea-2018The global technology landscape keeps constantly changing due to the advent of new technology themes, software development practices, and focus on customer-centric solutions. Though the rapid growth in digitization and interconnected business operations is accelerating profits and lowering costs, it also brings the critical issues of cyber security. Thus, organizations trying to set their foothold in the market are left with no choice but to collaborate with service providers who can help them adapt to these changes as well as deal with the intensified challenges of cyber security. Inovea is a strategic partner for enterprises that provides them with cyber security solutions spanning their entire product lifestyle.

Inovea is a new-age cyber security organization that offers unparalleled security consulting, testing and auditing services. The Inovea team of cyber security professionals is passionate towards providing solutions that are efficient and robust. It is based out of McLean, VA with a sales office at Tampa and two offshore development centers in India.

Setting benchmarks in the cybersecurity arena

In recent years, there has been an ongoing disruption of traditional processes and methodologies, coupled with the reshaping of product development rules, due to the unification between devices and technology. Enterprises need security solutions that are innovative and span the entire product lifestyle. This is where Inovea excels. It has proven itself to be a versatile and effective strategic partner for enterprises with its offering of innovative cybersecurity solutions.

With a proven track record of over one and a half decades in cybersecurity, Inovea has helped enterprises transform their development lifecycles and gain an edge over their competition. Every solution provided by the company is developed by a team of professional experts using trademarked methodologies. The company stays ahead of the intense competition by continuously exceeding customer expectations with innovations in technologies, methodologies and processes. Thus, as a part of its corporate culture, Inovea is highly customer centric and believes in delivering the best quality products every time, all the time!

No compromise on quality and services

Inovea’s full range of services and solutions are designed to simplify cyber security for enterprises and provide them with everything they require to identify threats, devise the right strategy, implement the right technology, and ensure all measures are in place to protect the client’s business. As a new-age cyber security organization offering unparalleled security consulting, testing and auditing services, Inovea’s mission is to help businesses secure their data, reduce risk, and efficiently navigate compliance standards. “We are passionate about providing solutions that are both efficient and robust. All our services are performed by world-class cyber security professionals”, the company said.

Inovea aims at empowering IT through creative innovations and out-of-the-box solutions. It has served a host of clients from various verticals ranging from public sector to manufacturing to healthcare. Some of its big clients are Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FannieMae, Dell, Chase, at&t, FreddieMac, HP, Polycom, Raytheon, Smithsonian Affiliations, University of South Florida, and Wake Forest University.

The roadmap to a better organization

The founder and the promoters of Inovea have vast experience in information technology, cyber security and also areas like cyber law, privacy law, intellectual property law and technology law. Having expertise in both technology and legal domain has fortified Inovea’s position to provide legal services relating to technology, which very few companies currently have the capability to offer.

Inovea sees its customers as its partners, and thus takes their success very seriously. The company makes sure that it puts in its best efforts and great deal of time and resources into understanding what success looks like to its clients. It then aligns itself to this vision and starts working on the possibilities to offer the best solutions. Many of its customers who identify Inovea as their trusted advisors have appreciated this effort.

Standing strong during challenges

“Being committed and focused on the success of our customers is in the DNA of Inovea”, says Sashi Kallamadi, CEO. “The biggest challenge was, is, and will continue to be, the ever-changing technology landscape and constantly changing needs of the businesses that we serve. We are consistently working hard to stay ahead of the curve. This means every employee at Inovea is constantly training and upgrading their skill sets, to remain current with the latest technologies, and the wide range of new possibilities they can offer our customers”, he added.

Over the years, Inovea has seen a few economic cycles and the enormous change that each one brought with it. While this change has been challenging, Inovea is now a lot stronger in its resolve to think outside the box and craft solutions that are conducive to its customer’s success.

Future endeavors

While Inovea continues to delight its customers in the information technology and security space, it is currently exploring new frontiers by venturing into legal process outsourcing. It aims to leverage its expertise and years of experience in technology outsourcing and use its existing infrastructure and processes to offer legal services to the customers.

In the future, Inovea also aims to expand its repertoire to include techno-legal services to technical as well as nontechnical businesses. It will serve the startup ecosystem and look forward to help entrepreneurs who are in need of trusted techno-legal advisors.

Knowing the man behind Inovea’s success

Sashi Kallamadi, CEO

Sashi is an expert in the area of Information Security. He founded Inovea, Inc., in 2003 to offer clients end-to-end Cyber Security Services such as Advanced Threat Protection, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Compliance Consulting, Identity Management, Threat Intelligence and Monitoring. He has integrated security capabilities across the technology stack of infrastructure, applications and services.

In the capacity of CEO, Sashi grew Inovea from a start-up to a company generating multi-million dollars revenue in the span of 14 years. He achieved this feat by executing a series of business development initiatives which primarily includes US Federal Projects. He constantly develops innovative business solutions to address under-served niche markets and is an Angel Investor in technology start-up companies. Mr. Kallamadi is also the recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, bestowed by the President of the United States.

“Our ever-enthusiastic, never-say-die attitude has brought great success in all our endeavors. We believe that success is a journey and not a destination and this belief constantly pushes our exuberance to unreachable heights.”