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Ellicium Solutions: Leaders in the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

thesiliconreview-kuldeep-deshpande-founder-ceo-ellicium-solutions-2018The current era that we live in is ever-changing for businesses. Businesses now have to adapt themselves to new marketing channels, prepare their investment plans, make use of new technologies and also compete on a global level. The most important thing that they are looking to cash in on is big data and Artificial Intelligence. Though big data can help a business to grow and improve, it also can bury it in cost and confusion. The challenges posed by big data are huge and can be best met and addressed by Ellicium Solutions. Ellicium has the track record to address the data problems and provide the best possible outcomes.

Founded in 2012, Ellicium is a young and passionate Big Data and Data Science company. “We believe that Big Data Technologies can empower businesses to take right decisions, and the work we have done since our inception testifies the same”, says the company. Ellicium strives hard to help businesses access business critical information fast and comprehend it easily. It is focused on providing solutions and products to derive insights from unstructured data and streaming data.

thesiliconreview-img1-ellicium-solutions-2018Inception of the company

Ellicium was founded in an apartment in Puneby a team of two members in 2012. Right from the first year, they had their first breakthrough, where they helped a renowned manufacturing unit in India with their business intelligence solution. In 2014, they served their first overseas client with unique data science solution. 2015 served as a turning point for them, as Ellicium got incorporated in USA and found recognition as one of the top Big Data solution providers. Kuldeep Deshpande, founder & CEO, quotes, “What was started as a dream of a relentless techie, now has become a dream of 70 data experts!”

Over the years, Ellicium has delivered some breakthrough, unique and game changing solutions that help businesses to leverage Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. The team of 70 strong heroes, ‘Ellicians’ as they are called, are a mix of data scientists, seasoned big data professionals, and competent data visualizers. Business understanding, result obsessed team and highest technical capabilities mixed with creativity makes Ellicium a crazy and passionate company on a mission to help businesses! With strong growth, its journey continues.

Creating business value

Ellicium is Big Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Company focused on deriving insights from unstructured and streaming data. Under the umbrella of Big Data, Ellicium offers Big Data Managed services, Data Warehouse solutions leveraging big data platforms, and Big Data Visualization services. Ellicium has developed solutions around predictive analytics and data science for manufacturing and legal industry. Ellicium’s artificial intelligence capabilities help in solving legal industry’s contract management problems. Along with these solutions, Ellicium has developed ‘Gadfly’, which is an analytics platform for unstructured data.

Ellicium’s solutions and services are designed to make sure clients achieve their data and analytics goals. Explosion in data volume and mere speed at which data moves around has made businesses to rethink their tech focus. Ellicium has become a major partner for clients in this ‘rethink’ process, at the end converting thoughts in reality. 

In conversation with the CEO, Kuldeep Deshpande.

Briefly describe how people policies of your company are different from peer companies. What is the secret behind very high employee satisfaction and low attrition rates over successive years?

People policy at Ellicium stems from core values like family spirit, diversity, respect for individual, mentorship, and fostering passion. Ellicians, as we fondly call our team members, come from 10 states in India, speak 12 languages in accumulation, and 45% of them are women. Hence, diversity is ethos of Ellicium, and we have made sure this fabric remains untorn!

Our human resource team’s vital mandate is to create a family spirit. They achieve this by helping Ellicians beyond organization norms and creating positive work environment. Our aim is to work hard, to have fun and to create a sense of accomplishment. To achieve all this, the journey of anyone who enters Ellicium is meticulously planned. We have developed a unique training and mentorship programs for freshers focused on data science and AI. This program makes sure that they become skilled beyond their formal education to excel in their responsibility.

Financial and mentoring support is provided if any Ellician wants to enhance their skills by taking appropriate training from leading MOOCs. Also, through EDGE - Educational Development and Growth Scheme by Ellicium, sponsors continuing education for employees. Ellicium sponsors employees to take up M.Tech (Analytics) program at BITS Pilani while working. We empower our team members to get higher education in the field of business management or technology from other renowned institutes.

Our low attrition rate over the years is testimony to our people policy! Attrition rates at Ellicium are less than half of industry standard attrition rates!

How satisfied are your clients with the products and services that you offer?

Our first client whom we acquired in our first year of existence is still with us. We have almost 100% client retention rate. As mentioned earlier, we focus on delivering business value. Below are some of the path-breaking solutions we delivered for our clients:

  • For Chicago based LPO, our data science solution would save them $ 1 Million over the period of 3 years. This solution has been a true accomplishment in terms of how it went beyond set parameters of data science field to solve a business problem.
  • For an auditing firm we reduced the effort of Regulations Monitoring by 50%.
  • For a SMB IoT company we reduced their implementation time by 30%.
  • For a manufacturing SMB sector company, we saved millions by solving their data problem.

How has the journey been so far?

From four Ellicians at the beginning to team of 70 strong, we have come a long way. It gives us immense happiness that all our initial team is still with us. When anyone enters Ellicium they become a part of this journey. They become part of family! The passion with which each team member has been contributing is just amazing. Nothing is more fulfilling then to see each Ellician emerging as an integral part of Ellicium. We believe in power of mentorship and bestowing responsibilities. ‘Empowering People’ is the core foundation of our organization. Our only aim is to strengthen this foundation further. That quest has just begun!

Knowing the visionaries

Kuldeep Deshpande, Founder & CEO

Kuldeep comes with over 18 years’ experience in data and analytics. He specializes in solving high visibility business problems through data based solutions. His primary interests lie in big data management, analytics, financial risk management and machine learning.

Kuldeep loves to build teams with technical excellence and business problem solving skills.

Yogesh Kulkarni, CTO

Yogesh is a technologist with over 2 decades of consulting experience in data driven areas like Big Data Hadoop, Data Science, Business Intelligence and ERP systems.

“We believe in power of mentorship and bestowing responsibilities. ‘Empowering People’ is the core foundation of our organization.”