50 Best Companies to Work For 2018

Creating a better work environment for employee satisfaction and business productivity: Ergode IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

thesiliconreview-rupesh-sanghavi-founder-ceo-ergode-it-services-pvt-ltd-2018Every organization has a very distinctive culture that determines the way how things and business get done. This culture permeates through every part of the organization and enables people to grow and develop while producing key results. In a nutshell, an organization will sustain only if the work culture positively impacts the management and employees to relate to each other for the common good of the organization. A positive work environment will build a positive workplace and will have a higher degree of employee engagement as employees respond positively and actively to organizational initiatives.

In today’s modern workplaces where people with different perceptions of work ethics work together, effective people management practices are a must for smooth functioning and business growth, and Ergode IT Services Pvt. Ltd. just does that. As employees spend a huge proportion of their lives at work, Ergode makes efforts to provide them a work atmosphere that ideally affects all aspects of their personal well-being.

Happy employees: The key to organizational success

Ergode believes that its employees are its true assets. With its unique work culture, the company supports them to keep doing their best to serve company’s values and provide the best experience to the customers. Their hard work, unique and creative thinking differentiates Ergode from others in the business. Moreover, the main USP of the company is its presence in the e-commerce domain. The online network base of the company with its business partners comprising of 40 prime online e-commerce sites spread globally ensures on-time delivery of quality services. Currently operating from Texas and Mumbai, Ergode is equipped with modern day infrastructure, offices and warehouses that sell more than 15 million titles in various verticals. It always adapts itself to the present situation and accordingly incorporates new technologies to improve productivity and the quality of service.

Ergode’s products add huge value to the customer environment by offering enhanced selection, standard prices, unquestionable service and swift delivery. Not only this, the proficient team at Ergode strategically ventures with new vendors on the go to add new products in their portfolio and give bespoke choices to customers to shop.

Promoting a healthy work culture

The following reasons make Ergode one of the best places to work for.

  • Opportunity to experience cutting edge technologies and an international e-commerce business
  • Flexible Work Timings: Its senior employees can report to the office at their convenient time considering the process needs, and leave after completing the required tasks at their convenient time
  • Work from Home: Employees can do the telecommuting and complete their assignments from the convenience of their home for any personal reason
  • Future Financial Savings and Medical Insurance: It offers the employee provident fund scheme and the employee state insurance scheme to all the eligible employees in coordination with the national and state level of administration
  • No Dress code: There is no specific dress code culture; employees can wear any dress and come to work
  • Professional Growth: It sponsors many professional courses like Six Sigma programs to its employees to learn and develop their professional skills
  • Career/Profile Change Opportunity: Employees can apply to any of internal cross profiles as per the Internal Job Posting Policies
  • Freedom to innovate: It allows its employees, at their wish, to spend 20% of their weekly time to work on any projects they like to. This gives an opportunity to them to showcase their abilities and help complete some project that they wished to work for. Also if they like to do the work out of their set of responsibilities and do well in related projects, they can apply to switch to the field of their interest
  • Leaves: Employees are offered with 28 Leaves a year which helps them meet their personal commitments
  • Personal Growth: Employees are provided the competitive and on time salaries per the industry norms and current market trends

Dawn of the company

In 2007, Ergode, with a single website, started selling books online to the customers in the USA. With the vision to grow and be the best in the e-commerce market, Ergode gradually launched multiple websites across various verticals. At the moment, Ergode serves more than 10000 orders per day to customers across the globe and offers more than half a million items for sales in addition to 10 million books. “We are recognized as one of the top 100 sellers on Amazon.com marketplace”, says Rupesh Sanghvi, CEO. Ergode is one of the top 20 on Walmart.com and leading sellers on almost all other marketplaces. The company is exclusive to many vendors and has been catering customers through several websites.

Personalized services to meet unique needs

Ergode offers services across multiple categories and always tries to explore new prospects to gratify to newer categories of services and clientele. Its product offerings range from tools, toys, electronics, and pet products to books, home and garden, furniture. The company has multiple e-commerce channels from where its customers can explore a variety of available products and merchandise. Its channels provide a large variety of products and services which allows exploring the assortment of merchandise as per the utility. It extends from clothing, personal care, car tools & accessories, baby products, books, entertainment and many more. Ergode’s E-commerce channels include - carkart.com, cutebabybuy.com, virventures.com, dealtz.com, slickpurchase.com, lightsdaddy.com, sportsdealbox.com, groceryeshop.us, ergodebooks.com, shopshiphappy.com, zabiva.com, slickmedicalequipment.com, www.toytooth.com, www.ergode.com, www.selectfurniturestore.com, www.emusicmart.com, www.myperfectbuy.com, www.icydealz.com.

Testimonials of success

As an e-commerce company, Ergode ensures to cater to its customers’ needs in the best manner. There are many vendors who have been working with Ergode for years now. Some of the testimonials from the partnered sellers for its VirVentures website are mentioned below.

“VirVentures has blown my mind! 2017 served to be a great year for VV and Aurora. The volume that VV had done in 2017 alone gave me a 50% increase on the year. I was averaging 3 orders per day with VV. The staff has been exceptional, always helpful and kind. VirVentures is the most impressive company that I have worked with in many many years. Looking forward to a great year!”

- Donna DeLeon, Territory Sales Manager, Aurora World, Inc.

“I would like to start by showing my gratitude for everyone at VirVentures. It has been my pleasure to be one of your vendors and providing you profitable merchandise. We had a successful 2017 and in 2018 it is only going to be more prosperous for both companies. The business strategy they have in place is very organized and clear making it very easy to be able to work with their company. I look forward to growing our business relationship with one another.”

- Ben Aghai, Sales Manager, Unique Tronics, Inc.

Knowing the thought leader

Mr. Rupesh Sanghavi is the founder and CEO of Ergode IT Services Pvt. Ltd., a successful high tech e-commerce company. He is an avid traveler and is highly passionate about the business. He is an excellent team player with good communications skills and has also worked with Industry’s Software Leaders like AspenTech, Wonderware, SIMSCI, and ESSCOR.

He is one amongst the “Top 50 Successful Indian Entrepreneurs in the USA” recognized by The Technology Headline Magazine.

“Ergode has continued to grow and expand its reach. We build strong partnerships with our clients, whilst expanding their productivity and improving our business.”