50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2016

Changing the Healthcare Landscape with Smart Technology: BioIQ


BioIQ works with some of the largest health plans and companies in the nation and has positively impacted millions of lives through thousands of population health improvement programs.”

While working on his PhD at UCSB, Justin Bellante, BioIQ’s founder and CEO, experienced a traumatic event when his friend and academic mentor suffered a massive stroke and passed away. It turned out that his friend had an undiagnosed case of diabetes, which was a major contributing factor to the stroke. Justin and his peers recognized how a simple screening test could have saved this man’s life. They envisioned a health testing solution that would enable people to detect critical diseases through regular screening—often before symptoms occur – but with the same convenience and usability they are accustomed to from everyday consumer technology solutions. People could engage online, connect to solutions to conveniently measure their health, and view intuitive reports in a secure online account. They named the young company BioIQ. Just as your IQ is a measure of general intelligence, your BioIQ would be a way to measure your health.

Customers could connect to friendly health testing network including at-home test kits, nurse staffing companies, labs, pharmacies, retail clinics, or even their own physician. BioIQ’s network would process test samples and users could view their lab results online through secure personal health dashboards. As the company grew so did the BioIQ technology platform. Today, that same user-friendly experience is available for employer, health plan, and government populations.

Solving Complex Problems with Simple, Elegant Solutions
BioIQ is changing the health measurement landscape. By seamlessly connecting people to health testing through its software, BioIQ makes testing more accessible, creating more insight for people and more touch points with health service partners. BioIQ’s market position is viewed as healthcare information technology platform that seamlessly connects individuals with a configurable service network to measure and track health. In doing so, BioIQ is leading the value-based healthcare sector to address rising healthcare costs, duplication of services, and clinical inefficiency.

The company’s focus is on solving complex problems with elegant yet simple solutions. The BioIQ
technology platform tailors the user experience to optimize interactions and connect with participants in a meaningful manner. Behind the scenes, sophisticated technology manages data and interactions with millions of participants and the thousands of clinical staff personnel. Participants can use mobile or web interfaces to track a variety of lifestyle and medical risk factors ina manner that personalizes their experience. In addition, the software platform supports core health service administrative functions and provides service partners with insight into population engagement, trends, and outcomes.

The Differentiating Factor
BioIQ began with a vision for convenient and comprehensive health testing programs. But what continues to differentiate it to this day—are its painstaking efforts to automate the population health management process from both the participant and service provider perspective. BioIQ’s platform makes it easy for a covered population to create online accounts; schedule appointments; locate labs, pharmacies, and service access points; get screened; complete online health risk assessments; view lab reports; receive targeted education; and track activities and incentives. The platform also facilitates the secure exchange of healthcare data among employers, health plans, laboratory networks, physicians, hospitals, retail pharmacies, home health care providers, and accountable care organizations (ACO’s). Thousands of organizations and millions of individuals have benefitted from its health improvement programs.

One Platform with an End-to-End Solution
BioIQ provides one platform that addresses the needs of members within Health Plan, Employer, and Government settings. For Health Plans, the company’s solution helps health plans improve quality ratings for Star and HEDIS measures by providing an end-to-end solution starting from member engagement, to lab processing of blood samples, through information sharing with the health plan and a member’s primary care provider. For Employers, the solution allows employees to register for a worksite health screeningor get tested at one of thousands of testing locations in BioIQ’s national network, providing employees with flexible testing optionsin a manner that is convenient to their busy schedules. Following the testing event, results are displayed in the portal allowing employees to understand their health and engage in one of several digital coaching programs to improve various risk factors. For the Government, BioIQ provides Software as a Service platform that enables customers to control the full user experience of registering members for health programs to allowing participants to view their health results in a secure portal.

Serving a Vast Client Base
BioIQ’s clients have workforces in almost every zip code of the country. Clients vary across industries, including aerospace, human resources consulting, information technology, and healthcare segments. BioIQ is contracted with numerous Fortune 500 customers in addition to the 4 of the 5 largest health plans in the country.

Client Testimonial
“BioIQ offers a scalable solution to measure population health and manage the acquired data amongst authorized stakeholders. The platform delivers a quantitative, clinical understanding of each participant’s health. By combining engagement tools, convenient access to screening, and wellness tools, it helps to drive value from wellness investments.”
– BioIQ partner

Plotting the Future
BioIQ’s focus is on evolving health measurement, the highest volume activity within healthcare, and the basis for the majority of health decisions. The company’s mission is to measure 100 million people and is well on the way to achieve that goal. Looking forward, BioIQ has aggressive plans to continue adding network partners to itsservice ecosystem, much like Uber has added drivers to their ecosystem, in an effort to allowing individuals maximum flexibility in understanding and improving their health.

“By connecting people to health care services through a configurable SaaS platform, BioIQ is evolving the way health measurement works.”

Knowing the CEO – Justin Bellante

Justin Bellante is founder and CEO of BioIQ. An engineer and scientist by training, he’s using new web technologies and engineering principles to build disruptive innovation in the health care and wellness industries. Touching millions of lives to date – BioIQ’s technology platforms are used by some of the largest employers, hospitals, ACO’s and health plans in the U.S.

Bellante is a frequent speaker, presenter and sought after expert on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology and healthcare.

Bellante lives in Santa Barbara, California where BioIQ is headquartered and can usually be found problem solving at the white board. Otherwise he’s watching football (the FIFA kind), reading the latest on organizational physics, surfing with the BioIQ surf club, or enroute to Argentina.

Bellante holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Materials Engineering from CWRU, and left his Ph.D. program in Materials Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara to start BioIQ. He has published articles in scientific journals such as Science, Applied Physics Letters, and MRS Proceedings.